Q: Who are Two Of Swords?

A: Two of Swords (or 2OS) are Siân Alice Carter and Olga Sinodova, who met by chance here, on tumblr. We both live in Britain, we’ve both studied Illustration at Uni, and we’re both really, really into each other’s work. We’re collaborating on a Tarot deck under this name because we liked the sound of it and because the ‘meaning’ of the card appealed to us.

Q: How does your collaboration work?

A: We live miles apart, so mostly we share and discuss our stuff online and have regular hour-long skype calls where we discuss deadlines and our progress.

Q: What roles do each of you perform in the project?

A: We participate in decision-making equally, as partners. Technically, each of us is working on her set of 11 Major Arcana cards, which we will then cut out of lino, sized 7x12 cm. Afterwards, we shall swap the prints via Royal Mail (TM) and colour in each other’s prints using ink.

Q: What about the Minor Arcana?

A: We’re still figuring that one out, but we’ll make those cards too.

Q: What’s with all the Theatre and Circus references in your cards?

A: Well, we decided to have a common theme to our deck. We’re both interested in stage craft, masks and the macabre, so that informed our choice of subject.

Q: What’s the goal of your collaboration?

A: We want to make 15 unique hand-printed and hand-painted sets that will be packed nicely in pretty hand-sewn bags with drawstrings.

Q: What will the cards look like?

A: Something like this: 

Q: Will those be available for purchase?

A: You bet your ass they will be. We’ll have to figure out the outlets we’ll sell them through, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements.

Q: Can we be friends?

A: Please, please, PM us in the Ask box or Fanmail. We’d be really happy to chat with you!